Here is a quick tour of Storm Krav Maga

Here is a quick tour of Storm Krav Maga

S.T.O.R.M. Krav Maga offers a comprehensive range of programs designed to empower individuals of all ages with the skills and confidence to navigate the complexities of self-defense and physical fitness.

Our Adult Krav-Maga program equips participants with practical techniques for real-life scenarios, fostering confidence and readiness. Teens Krav-Maga offers a supportive environment for young adults to develop crucial life skills, while our KravFit classes provide dynamic workouts for all fitness levels.

Additionally, our Firearms Training and NRA NYS 18-hour Concealed Carry Class offers comprehensive instruction in firearm safety and proficiency exclusively for adults, ensuring responsible gun ownership. Join us to discover your potential and enhance your well-being at S.T.O.R.M. Krav Maga.

Meet Our Instructors

AJ Surian


Introducing AJ Surian, our Head Instructor hailing from Long Island, New York, and recognized as the inaugural fully-certified TrueKrav Maga instructor in the United States. With over two decades of practical experience, including a distinguished tenure as a retired NYPD detective and elite ESU (SWAT) member, AJ brings unparalleled expertise in martial arts and self-defense training since 1986.

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Why the Bohemia Community Loves

Our Self-Defense Classes

Beach Girl recommends Storm Krav Maga

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Self defense is something everyone needs to know in todays world. Having taken a few classes with AJ, I quickly have learned how to get myself out of danger safely and de-escalate confrontational situations. Learning simple maneuvers with the element of surprise, while remaining calm, has empowered me. I am excited to continue to learn and master this art.
I highly recommend taking a class. AJ’s knowledge and his background makes him THE perfect teacher!

Claudine Gole recommends Storm Krav Maga

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I am three classes in at TrueKravLiny and the decision to start was the best I could have made. I already feel more confident that I could defend myself against nefarious individuals. Building each class on what we previously learned is creating muscle memory. Moves are coming naturally and with ease. Thank you AJ for sharing your knowledge and skill with me!

Joey Popwell recommends Storm Krav Maga

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I moved to Long Island in July, wanted to continue my training. AJ is awesome. He provides a no nonsense training method. Vey practical means of self defense. Everyone who attends the classes is friendly and assist each other in training. This training will assist people of all ages and sizes, to learn how to defend themselves. Highly recommend.

Jason Troesch recommends Storm Krav Maga

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I've taken six classes with TrueKravLiny now. AJ is my instructor and it's his business. He's attentive, explains all the movements and their real world applications and practices until I feel comfortable. You don't learn something new every class, which is a good thing. He stresses that repetition is the only way to make these techniques second nature and I can attest to that being the case as I still get sloppy even being comfortable with some techniques. I do feel that what he is teaching is very relevant to the types of situations you are likely to encounter in the world today. Its great for all levels of students as everyone learns the same technique regardless of skill level. However, as the class gets comfortable, more advanced techniques get introduced. You are guaranteed a good workout with dedicated people and a fun, interesting class. Its absolutely worth checking it out with the introductory class as its free and no pressure at the end to continue coming if it wasn't for you.

Jimmy Gracia recommends Storm Krav Maga

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Training for a few months now under instructor AJ's tutelage. Developing effective confidence, real world self-defense skills, and transforming my body into a multi-faceted weapon to protect myself and family should the need ever arise is not only necessary, it's been fun.
Students are all regular people with regular professions being trained not to be on the next tragic news cycle or GoFund me funeral campaign.
The comparison of other martial arts of Krav schools, while respectable, is not reality and will not give you the skills of someone who has gone through all the various styles to hone on an effective process that gives you the highest chances of going home. I recommend fully, especially as someone who has deployed to war zones. See you in class.

Term Nerd recommends Storm Krav Maga

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The absolute best. I’ve taken classes all over the tri state area over the last 20 years and nothing compares to STORM. Intelligent. Realistic. And works at the pace of the student. Amazing and I can not recommend it more

More Confidence. More Focus. Get Fit.

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